Clearscope Alternative 2022: How Strell Compares with Clearscope

Clearscope Alternative

Meet 🀝 Strell

Strell is a complete content optimization tool that assists SEOs and content marketers to write and optimize content to grow their organic search traffic.​

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By incorporating NLP keywords into articles that had already been optimised, we were able to get first-page Google rankings for our target keywords. After implementing Strell, we witnessed a 12% increase in organic traffic within the first month. It is now a part of our process from beginning to end wherever possible.
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Irene Wright
SEO Agency Owner

Write and Optimize Better, Faster πŸ’¨

SEO Audit

With over 90 data sets compared for each query, the Strell method reveals what you're lacking in on-page seo. Take actionable insights and watch your content rise in the search engine results.

Content Editor

Automate the tedious tasks. Using content research and content briefs can help you write like a pro, which will be appreciated by both your organic visitors and search engine crawlers. Consider using NLP lingo. Instead of taking days to complete, spend just a few hours completing the task of filling in the content gaps.

Never thought Advanced On-Page SEO is so simple to implement. Impressive ⚑️

– Β Karl Embree (Affiliate Marketer)

Clearscope Alternatives

Strell Legacy 🀘

Best in class NLP Terms

Write and optimize the best content possible. Cover everything that comes under the roof.

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Know Exactly which keywords to put

Know what keywords to use in H1,H2,H3 and Title to rank for many other related queries from one blog article.

Exact Keyword Density

Know exactly how many exact keywords to use in Title, H1, H2, H3, Body, Paragraph.

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Competitors Analysis

Page Score algorithm determines how comprehensive the article is and automatically selects best comeptitors accordingly.

Freedom to choose

Freedom to change SEO Strategy according to your competitors. Every keyword is different so there is no one formula to dominate 1st page. If you're an eCommerce player choose eCommerce websites and the whole Audit or Content brief guideline will change accordingly.

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Adaptive keyword frequency

Can't change much of the content on the page, we got you! Use suggested count to fill the content gaps.

Adaptive Content Structure

Content Structure changes according to competitors you choose

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Exceptional Content Outlines

Never miss on any keywords opportunity. Know all the keywords you could include in your page to rank for many other related keywords

All countries and 1000+ local locations supported

Content Structure changes according to competitors you choose

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Getting ranked shouldn't break your bank πŸ’³

As a business grows, clearscope price can skyrocket. Extra credits are required to access briefs and content generated by AI, on top of that NLP is not available. Opting for Advanced SEO that is both effective and affordable shouldn't be too much of a challenge.


NLP-based algorithm

Reach top of Google!


Supports 40+ languages

Works in any languages


WordPress and Google Docs Integration

Work flawlessly!

Gain high-rankings without paying a high price πŸ’°

Optimize Existing Content or Write SEO optimized content from scratch without paying hefty prices.

What Top Organic Competitors Are Doing, Strell Lets You In On the Secret

Use a primary keyword to improve your page's SEO. Strell can tell you where your page falls short in terms of NLP phrases and faults in content structure. A set of ideal competitors is used to benchmark all on-page SEO signals. You get a detailed cheat sheet to help you get to the top of the search results.

Effortlessly Write What People and Google Want

The cause of writer's block is Not an obstacle anymore. With AI-generated content briefs from your top organic competitors, you can develop SEO-optimized content in a matter of hours. Start with an optimal word count, include suggested NLP phrases, utilise the primary keyword with exact density in titles, headers, and text, monitor your progress using content score, and aim for a maximum score for the best SERP rankings.

Research and Analyze what Top Organic Competitors are doing

Utilize our insights and, with all of your data in one place, determine what is performing best and implement our recommendations to enhance your performance. ​

Clearscope Alternative

Strell 🀼 Clearscope

Strell Clearscope
Free trial available. No Credit card required. No free trial available.
Plan 1 Starter Plan No plan available for starters.
βœ… NLP Support
βœ… 15 Audits or Content Briefs
βœ… Starts at $24.99/mo
Plan 2 Basic Plan Essentials Plan
βœ… NLP Support ❌ NLP Support
βœ… 45 Audits or Content Briefs 20 Content Briefs
βœ… Starts at $49.99/mo Starts at $170/mo
βœ… 3 Team members 3 Team members
Plan 3 Pro Plan Business Plan
βœ… NLP Support ❌ NLP Support
βœ… 110 Audits or Content Briefs 100 Content Briefs
βœ… Starts at $89.99/mo Starts at $1200/mo
βœ… 10 Team members Unlimited Team members
Growth Plan Growth Plan No plan available.
βœ… NLP Support
βœ… 160 Audits or Content Briefs
βœ… Starts at $129.99/mo
βœ… 20 Team members


“Natural Language Processing” (NLP) is a field of AI that aims to help Google to understand the content in a manner similar to that of humans. Google uses NLP to understand the topical relevance of terms.

A Strell credit can be used to create an audit or a content brief. (1 Credit = 1 Audit or 1 Content Brief Query)

From individuals to enterprises, Strell is used by content writers, content editors, SEO’s, SEO executives, affiliate marketers.

Ideally who creates text content on the web and wants to rank higher in google for organic traffic.Β 

Strell helps to create SEO friendly content with maximum topical relevancy.

Free trial is just like a test drive of a Strell.Β 

You can take a free trial once per account and no credit/debit card is required.

Strell provides a 7 day refund policy.

Just contact us here:

You can add team members in Pro and Growth plans.

You can share your audits and content briefs with your teammates.

It will be the same as the monthly billing plan.

You will receive your credits monthly. Your credits will reset monthly.

Our payment partner is Stripe.

The payment methods we accept are credit and debit cards (for monthly & yearly subscriptions).

When it comes to scaling up my on-page SEO efforts, Strell is invaluable. Written briefs that are optimised for search engines can be created quickly and easily with Content brief, and writers appreciate the app's no-nonsense suggestions. Today's search engine optimization (SEO) tasks can best be handled by Strell. Better. Faster. Scalable. Simple and Sleek.
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Doug Martin
SEO Marketer

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