Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy

We have made the decision to put into place a fair usage policy as of November 1, 2022 as part of our continued efforts to ensure the appropriate use of our services.

A fair usage policy: what is it?

A Fair Usage Policy or FUP is practiced by several companies worldwide, allowing companies to restrict or throttle usage on unlimited plans to prevent misuse or excessive use of generations provided.

A FUP is a limit that specifies how many Audits or Content Editors can be produced by a customer during a given time frame. If the customer’s generations are surpassed, they will automatically be lowered, or a wait period will be put in place before allowing another generation.

Why Have a Fair Use Policy?

A FUP aids us in preventing abuse, a server overload, and ensuring that all of our users have the best experience on our platform.

Usage throttling prevents abuse by preventing account sharing and automated/robotic activity, both of which are prohibited on our platform.

Furthermore, usage throttles guarantee that all of our services may be used quickly by all of our users without taxing our servers.

Finally, throttles aid in the production of outputs of greater quality because fast continuous generations can degrade the quality of our output.

Hourly and Minute Throttles

On an unlimited lifetime deal, we do not set a credit cap every month, but we do throttle consumption on a minute or hourly basis.

It’s challenging to provide an exact figure. Although we can’t guarantee that slowdowns won’t happen when there is significant usage by many users, we may change any feature’s number of permitted generations per hour during peak usage times to prevent a slowdown of generation time.

Regular customers won’t typically experience these throttles because we anticipate that the outputs will be generated, reviewed, and edited with minimal consumption.